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UKTIC 2022 Speakers

UKTIC 2023 Speakers

This year with some fresh faces, some returning guests, continued successful hybrid format, new ideas and new sessions the conference looks to deliver our best event yet!

Our guest speakers will be sharing their expert knowledge and insight into current dealings with HMRC.

Kevin Igoe will be returning to chair the 2023 UK Tax Investigations Conference and we look forward to announcing our other fantastic speakers in the build up to the day.

Kevin Igoe

Managing Director, Professional Fee Protection

Kevin Igoe CTA joined PFP in 1995 and was appointed Managing Director in 2013. Prior to that he worked at HMRC and one of the "top 4" accountancy firms. He has seen over 35,000 HMRC investigations and enquiries. He is Chairman of the UK Tax Investigations Conference and is seen as one of the UK's leading experts in HMRC Tax Investigations and Enquiries.

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Danielle Ford


Partner, Head of Tax Disputes & Resolutions

Danielle is a recognised specialist in the tax disputes and resolutions arena, having racked up over 20 years of advising individuals and businesses on their tax affairs.


Leading haysmacintyre’s Tax Disputes & Resolutions team, Danielle excels at advising clients on complex matters including tax avoidance schemes, COP8 and COP9 cases, disputes and negotiating settlements with HMRC, voluntary disclosures and Time to Pay arrangements - her experience covers all taxes. Danielle’s professionalism provides comfort to clients, whilst her knowledge of tax legislation secures the best possible outcome.


A regular contributor to industry publications and events, Danielle shares insights, updates and trends with clients to ensure early action and prompt resolution.

Riocard Hoye


Senior Manager, Tax Disputes & Resolutions

Riocard specialises in advising on all aspects of taxation and his previous experience includes COP8 and COP9 enquiries, appeals to HMRC, penalty negotiations and disclosures to HMRC.

Riocard previously spent over five years at HMRC, including three years in the Fraud Investigation Service (FIS), HMRC’s top compliance team. He has detailed knowledge of HMRC’s powers and processes, which he has built on since moving to private practice. His range of experience ensures he is well placed to achieve the best result for his clients and to deliver a personal service.

Barbara Bento.png

Barbara Bento



Director, Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolution

Barbara is a tax investigations specialist with over 15 years’ experience in UK tax. Barbara’s clients include individuals and companies. She specialises in complex voluntary disclosures and tax investigations, such as Code of Practice 9 and HMRC cross-tax enquiries.

She understands her client's needs and concerns, ensuring those with tax exposure are treated fairly with the aim of minimising unnecessary tax, interest and penalties. Barbara has a proven track record in successfully challenging HMRC tax and penalty assessments and resolving long standing disputes, quickly and cost effectively, while securing beneficial settlement terms with HMRC.

As a CEDR accredited mediator, Barbara advises on using ADR to resolve tax disputes and often acts as a co-mediator to ensure clients are given a fair chance to resolve disputes without the need for litigation.

Dawn Register
Head of Tax Dispute Resolution

Dawn is a Chartered Tax Adviser and STEP member. She leads the Tax Dispute Resolution team at BDO in London. Dawn manages complex tax return enquiries, voluntary disclosures, tax fraud and technical investigations conducted by HM Revenue & Customs. Her cases cover a wide range of tax issues, including tax avoidance, and often involve an international element. Under Code of Practice 8/9 or one of the disclosure facilities.


Dawn’s recent work has focused on changes in HMRC powers, penalties and campaigns. She is a recognised expert in voluntary disclosure and resolving long running disputes with HMRC.

Dawn is a CEDR accredited mediator and is using mediation in ADR with HMRC. Dawn is a regular presenter and writer on tax issues. She is regularly quoted in the national press and is an author of the Bloomsbury Tax Investigations Handbook.

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Zoe Gascoyne

Fraud Investigation Service



Zoe Gascoyne is deputy director of Offshore Corporate and Wealthy in Fraud Investigation at HMRC. She was previously a deputy director in the Serious Economic Organised Crime and International Directorate at the Crown Prosecution Service. Prior to joining the civil service, Zoe was a private practice lawyer and is a former chair of the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association.

John Ferguson
Fraud Investigation Service

John Ferguson is Head of Civil Operations for the HMRC Fraud Investigation Service (FIS) Offshore Corporate and Wealthy division, specialising in Code of Practice 8 and 9. John began his career in the Inland Revenue in 1986 and has held numerous roles tackling both tax fraud and avoidance in front line compliance.


He has been Technical Lead for a number of disclosure facilities, including the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) and Crown Dependencies Disclosure Facility (CDDF). John is Project Lead for a current review of COP9 in FIS, having also been involved in previous changes from Hansard, through Civil Investigation of Fraud (CIF) into CDF. He is a subject matter expert and Authorised Officer for both Information Powers and Penalties.

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